ERP Systems


ASAS ERP System is customized for your company with most needed modules and features; solution includes hosting and support of the system for the contract period as well as training for company staff according to their specialty and privileges.


  1. Specialized ERP System with feature-rich modules that can cover work process in all fundamental parts of your company.
  2. Our Cloud hosted solution gives you:
    1. Access to your ERP System from virtually anywhere.
    2. Best uptime experience though our tried and trusted infrastructure.
    3. Periodic database backups for added overall integrity, and for preventing data loss due any event.
    4. Continuous protection and security for databases and servers.
  3. Specialized modules:
    1. Sales module: Quotations, Sales Orders, Products and Clients.
    2. Purchases module: RFQs, Purchase Orders, Products and Clients.
    3. Accounting module: Two record accounting, Accounting Journals, Invoices, Payments, Sales Receipts and Professional Reports.
    4. Warehouse module: Products, Stocks, Stock Movements, Receipts and Delivery Notes.
    5. Projects module: Projects, Tasks and Progress.
    6. Human Resources module: Staff, Departments, Timesheet, Leave Management and Payroll
  4. Per user privilege and permissions allows your team to collaborate smoothly and efficiently through providing access for each user only to parts of the system which they have been explicitly permitted to.

Technical Support

  • Phone call support: ASAS support department is available 24/7 to answer and collect all customers’ issues and inquiries.
  • Email Support: Support department is available to response to your emails 24/7 to fix any problem that our customers may have (
  • Ticket System: ASAS ticket system reliably tracks and document customer enquiries and support requests and allows customers to monitor and trace problem status and results.
  • Onsite Visit support: ASAS support team is ready to support our customers at any time and fix any problem customer may have that requires site visit to be solved with best reliable results.